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National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine


The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDCU) is an advisory state body. It is tasked with developing and coordinating policies concerning national security, and advising the President of Ukraine on domestic and international matters.

At the start of March 2022, one week after the invasion by Russia, the ISRM was asked if it would host a webinar to give a platform to a Ukrainian spokesman to describe the war situation in Ukraine. The webinar was run on 5th March, with Dr Volodymyr Bortnytskyi, NSDCU Deputy Head of Social and Humanitarian Security Services, and covered a range of subjects. After a number of other interactions, the ISRM was asked to facilitate a round-table call between representatives of the NSDCU and a small group of invited people from London and Washington, to discuss options for developing support networks for the war effort, as well as to look forward to post-conflict recovery and reconstruction. That call took place on 25th May, and was followed by an ISRM report suggesting possible next steps forward.

This resulted in an invitation by NSDCU to ISRM Executive Director Dr David Rubens to visit Kyiv for further discussions.

The visit took place from 15th – 19th June.

During the visit, Dr Rubens had multiple discussions with senior members of the NSDCU, including Secretary Oleksii Danilov, as well with representative of major corporate, industrial, academic and policy organisations.

The outcome of the visit was an MoU exchanged between NSDCU and ISRM, appointing the ISRM to represent NSDCU in facilitating events that would support the development of bilateral UK-Ukraine relationships, and would help support the post-conflict recovery and reconstruction efforts.


Antonov Aviation is a State Enterprise specialising in very large aircraft and those using unprepared runways. As such, it is a leading provider of equipment and expertise for disaster response another operations working in under-developed environments. From 2015 it has been part of Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian Defense Industry).


Pharmaceutical Company Darnitsa has been the leader in the sale of medicinal products by volume since 1998. It is a market leader in the development of treatments in the fields of cardiology, neurology and pain problems.

In 2022, Darnitsa signed an agreement to manufacture the generic version of Pfizer’s oral COVID-19 treatment, allowing Darnitsa to produce the finished drug nirmatrelvir co-packaged with ritonavir and supply to ninety-five low- and middle-income countries, including Ukraine.

Kyiv International Economic Forum

KIEF is the leading Ukrainian forum for developing the future leadership of Ukraine and developing the bi-lateral and multi-lateral relationships that will allow Ukraine to establish its position as a leading regional player in the geo-political, geo-strategic and geo-economic spheres.


  • The leading producer of poultry meat in Europe with one of the strongest food brands in Ukraine.
  • One of the largest grain producers in Ukraine with significant growth potential.
  • The largest producer in the meat
    processing market in Ukraine.


Since 2020, the company has been developing its vertical integration to take advantage of its ability to provide a fully integrated suite of services from the field to the high street. These include packaged meals, restaurants and convenience stores.


Radionix is a research and production enterprise of the defense-industrial complex of Ukraine.

It is engaged in the development, manufacture, modernization, maintenance and repair of on-board radar systems and optoelectronic equipment. It currently has more than 250 employees, operates 3 plants and is working with customers from multiple countries.


Roboneers strategic goal is to create weapons and military equipment that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will use in future conflicts.

In 2014, Roboneers united teams of engineers, electronic engineers, exmilitary, and IT specialists. Since then, we have been developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), remotely controlled modules, software and situational awareness programs, and remotely controlled platforms.

As a result of combined efforts, Roboneers is creating modern military equipment that helps the military to perform their tasks successfully.

The understanding, that the next generation of military conflicts will systematically use robotic solutions to perform reconnaissance and fire on the enemy. Such solutions will focus on network use with elements of artificial intelligence, where the human role is in decision-making and control.


UNIT City and Creative Economic Centres are hyper-modernistic visions of what Ukraine needs in order to establish itself as leading power in a new European economic, political and social framework.

It’s Mission Statement includes to:

  • Improve the Life Chances of Young People in Ukraine
  • Enhance Human Capital
  • Revive & Upgrade Ukraine’s Economy
  • Build International Partnerships
  • Nurture Stability in the Region


Established as a Non-profit NGO, the Center for Creative Economy Development operates a range of programmes and centres, including Unit.City Innovation Park, PRGMX School, Creative Economy School, INDAX Industrial Accelerator, LEAN Institute Ukraine, KIEF Academy

The project is fully aligned with:

  • Presidential Decree on Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine for the period till 2030
  • State Regional Development Strategy for 2021-2027, approved by the Government of Ukraine