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ISRM Partnership with CEO Club London

Ukraine stands as beacon of opportunity as a country on the brink of national transformation, with a potential for growth and innovation that defies the narrative of Ukraine as a conflict zone.  Recognising Ukraine’s resilience and forward momentum, the ISRM is proud to partner with CEO Club London in order to support Ukraine’s position as […]

Ongoing ISRM Support for Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Ukraine War in February 2022, the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) has been involved in supporting Ukraine’s journey through crisis, recovery and towards national transformation.  Mere days after the conflict began, the ISRM was approached by the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) to facilitate a platform […]

Global Crisis Watch Ukraine Special Edition

As an update to our Global Crisis Watch Ukraine Special Edition, we are delighted to welcome Dmytro Tretiakov, Vice President of the CEO Club London, as our esteemed guest speaker for this week’s Ukraine Special Edition. Dmytro Tretiakov is an experienced diplomat with 14 years of multifaceted diplomatic experience and deep involvement in think tanks, parliamentary […]

Global Urban Resilience in the 21st Century Conference

This Virtual Conference, which will launch the ISRM Global Urban Resilience programme, will bring together leading global experts and thought leaders to hold a series of wide-ranging discussions exploring the opportunities and challenges that we face in 2024 and beyond. In addressing the wicked problems of the 21st century, including new and emerging challenges to the […]

The ISRM and IOR-U Hosted a Delegation of High Level Ukrainian Government, Academic and Corporate Leaders in London

The ISRM and its stand-alone subsidiary, International Organisation for Reconstruction of Ukraine, were honoured to host a delegation of high level Ukrainian government, academic and corporate leaders for a week in London. We were given strong support from a range of individuals and institutions, including Marsh McLennan, RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), General Pharmaceutical Council, […]

IOR Human Security Programme

Given the nature of the environments we are operation, the IOR is aware that human security is both a central issue, and one that is often forgotten or over-looked. We have established a specialist IOR Human Security section, that is dedicated to offering a platform to the multiple organisations that are doing fantastic work, often […]

IOR – UAE Ukraine Business Council Collaboration

Following an initial conversation facilitated by the ISRM UAE Chapter, IOR has developed a relationship with the UAE Ukrainian Business Council. The business council represents over 1,500 Ukrainian businesses in UAE, as well as UAE businesses in Ukraine. The ISRM UAE Chapter will be co-hosting a joint IOR / Ukrainian Business Council networking event in December, […]

University of Leeds Nexus and Kyiv UNIT City Collaboration 

IOR is facilitating discussions between the leadership of University of Leeds Nexus programme and Kyiv UNIT City. Both are leading technology innovation hubs that at offer full service packages to their members, partners and clients. There is a significant overlap between their interests and activities, as well as their vision and ethos, and we are very excited […]

IOR UK-Ukraine Symposium

To mark the partnership between IOR and our Ukrainian partners, we will be hosting a 2-day Symposium in Leeds from 12th-13th December. This will be built around three themes: Education and R&D, Technology and Entrepreneurship.  We have chosen Leeds as the venue for this event, and as the central point for this initiative, due to […]